DEMENTIA ACTION WEEK Blog Young Onset Dementia – Under 65’s

Dementia action week falls on 21 – 26 May 2019. To mark the occasion we will be blogging about the various aspects of dementia and caring for those with dementia.

Did you know that dementia is not a consequence of living longer, but is a degenerative brain condition that can affect people of any age?

People and families living with Young Onset Dementia, can face challenges that are so different from those over 65.

In Scotland there are currently over 3000 under 65’s living with the disease. Below are some of the challenges they may face:

  • There may be some difficulty in gaining a diagnosis, making the process long and arduous.

  • The person with a diagnosis may still be actively employed.

  • The person may have children of school age.

  • The person may have an elderly parent living with them, whom, they are caring for.

  • Financial commitments may be more complicated as the person may still be paying for a mortgage or a car for example.

  • Appropriate Information & Support can be difficult to find

  • Lack of Financial Support.

  • The NCT can signpost people to the relevant services. We also provide activities and support.

To find out more about dementia support in the area, contact Ray Fallan, 01698 386 403,

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